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Weight Loss
Bob Cullison: Services
Shape Up / Add Strength
Nutrition Counseling
Proper nutrition and exercise are like two wheels on a bicycle.  When you have both, you'll get where you want to go...however, if one is missing, you won't get very far!  With so much misinformation available, it's hard to know who to listen to.  Let me assure you of this... I know how to get the weight to come off!  I have had success with people of literally all shapes and sizes. I will make your goals, my goals! If you will follow the plan for nutition and exercise I prescribe, YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT!  Failure is not an option!
   Research shows that people who use a trainer are far more likely to be successfull at reaching fitness and weight loss goals than those who don't.  When considering a Personal Trainer, remember that all are not equal.  When you decide to train with me, you will experience unsurpassed professionalism, attention to detail, as well as service that will surpass expectations.  I provide custom training and nutrition services for my clients unique needs.  I will not rest until you the customer are 100% satisfied.  I provide a variety of services including:
Learn how to exercise safely for a stronger, toner, healthier physique from a true professional.  I will use my years of experience and education to guide you down the proper path of both effective exercise and nutrition to reach your goals. Upon completion of a fitness evaluation, I will prescribe the exact amount, type, and intensity level of all exercises (cardio and resistance training) I recommend for your needs.   I will save you years of wasted time and discouragement of trying out exercises and diets that are either ineffective, unsafe, or both.
To be successful in losing weight and keeping it off requires more than just continually trying the latest fad diet.  Usually as soon as the diet ends, the weight comes right back... and then some!  Why not do things the RIGHT way this time?   I understand that compulsive over-eating is more than just being hungry.  Everyone manages the stress and anxiety of life in different ways, and for many food provides a comfort that nothing else can seem to satisfy.  My approach is to educate my clients on proper nutrition, and to provide a plan that will become a way of life, not just another diet.  I will coach you, advise you, and provide you with accountability so that this time you will succeed!  Together we will work as a team to defeat your food addiction.
**Note: The above only represents a small sample of the training services provided.  If you have questions about these or any others not listed, please feel free to contact me.
​Sport Specific Training
Become the very best athlete you can be at any level!  In any sport, the athlete must combine their natural ability, a competitive mind-set, and proper training to be the very best.  My Sport Specific training analyzes which training methods and exercises will work best for any specific sport so that the athlete becomes superior in all necessary physical attributes required.  Additionally, I work with the athlete to maximize their competitive nature, and develop razor sharp mental focus.  The result is an athlete that functions like a fine tuned machine at their given sport.
Physique competitions such as Bodybuilding, Womens Figure, Fitness, and Bikini require a special athlete as well as special training and diet plans.  Each requires a different approach to diet and exercise.  I have been involved in these sports since I began a successful competitive bodybuilding career in 1996 which included the AAU Mr. USA.  I have experience in training champions in each of these sports.  Allow me to share with you my expertise in competition training; including: work-out plans, competition diets, posing, routines, appropriate contest and sanctioning organization selection, music selection, posing suit selection, tanning, and more.  Combining your hard work with my experience will result in a highly competitive competition quailty physique, that you will be able to present professionally.
Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness, Bikini Competitions
Motivational Speaking / Seminars
Allow me to energize your corporate, civic, church, or other group function with a motivational speaking or group workout engagement.  I am passionate about exercise and proper nutrition, and enjoy instilling excitement and hope for the future in others.  I will provide your group with knowledge about simple ways they can move forward in their daily exercise and eating habits.  All events are exciting, unique, fun, and most of all: educational.
On-line Training and Nutrition Coaching (affordable pricing below):
An exciting new concept that has become very popular.  Following our initial phone consultation, I will design a tailored, systematic workout and nutrition program specifically for you.  You then will receive emails from me as I monitor your food and exercise that you will log into with a easy to use online app I'll provide.  In addition, you can meet with me in person once a month for $160.00/mo.,or on a bi-monthly basis $80.00/mo., or you can choose to do all of your training online $40.00/mo.- depending on which plan you prefer.  I will be your constant partner in weight loss. You keep track of your diet and exercise with your computer or smart phone, and I'll keep track of you!  Please contact me for more information.