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Bob is an awesome trainer and person. He is always encouraging and challenging.  I have been working out with him for 3 years now and feel stronger and healthier than I ever have.  I look forward to my weekly workouts with Bob.  You could not ask for a better trainer!
I take special care to understand the unique needs of each of my clients so I can design custom solutions that exceed expectations.

I am very proud of the work I do and the results I see my clients achieve.  Please take a moment to read the testimonials below:
I have been a client of Bob's for nearly a year now, and in that time I have lost nearly 60 pounds while increasing my strength, endurance, and overall conditioning.  The workouts are as intense as they are varied; each one uniquely structured to fit my personal needs and objectives with a mixture of cardio and weight-based workouts.  Bob is an obvious expert, able to explain the workouts purpose in detail, and keep me motivated throughout the workout.  He also built a dietary plan for me to follow while I'm outside the gym for a healthier lifestyle.  I would fully recommend Bob for anyone who wants to lose weight, get in shape, or just get back into the gym.
After competing in multiple marathons and ironmans and getting nowhere with my physique, I decided to compete in my first figure competition.  With Bobs extensive knowledge of figure competitions and deep understanding of the science behind metabolism and body transformation, I not only gained the body I dreamed of but also won first place in my figure competition!  Bob is an amazing trainer and coach.  He has many creative exercises and always keeps the workouts interesting and challenging.  His nutritional knowledge is paramount in helping one reach their lifestyle goals. 
     Thank you Bob for helping me reach my goals as a competitor and athlete.  Thank you for answering my endless questions .... even when I don't like the answers!  I feel I have gained more than a coach; I have gained a good friend and positive life influence.
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Corey Alexander, former NBA player:
Bob, Thank you for making me this strong again!

I have been working out with Bob for over 12 years, and he has become a friend through (literally) thick and thin.  Some years I have weighed less than I do now, but I remain stronger at 56 than I ever was in high school or college.  Bob knows how to work around injuries.  I am remarkably free of most age-consistent aches and pains, which I attribute to working out with Bob three times per week.  He is consistently encouraging and supportive, because his clients matter to him more than a number on a scale, the amount of weight on a machine, or the number of reps we can do that day.  I believe in him so much that , even though I was out of full time career employment for over four years, I continued to work out with Bob.  Those were rough times, but his motivation and confidence were priceless.  I can't imagine turning 70 in less than 15 years, but I CAN picture continuing to work out with Bob Cullison.  Maybe today's a good day to picture a healthier, stronger you, too!